Group Use

Groups of 5 members or more may register as a group.
All groups, be they from Sumida Ward or otherwise, are welcome to use our facilities.

Available facilities

  • Arenas
  • Budo hall
  • Multi-purpose athletics field
  • Multi-purpose Area
  • Meeting room

Available sports activities

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Futsal
  • Table Tennis
  • Handball
  • Dance
  • Archery
  • Dodgeball
  • Karate
  • Judo
  • Kendo
  • Shorinji Kempo
  • Jukendo
  • Aikido
  • Various martial arts
  • Tai Chi
  • Gymnastics
  • Meeting or Training

Using the Gymnasium as a group requires prior group registration.

Register your Group

[Group registration qualification]
Groups of 5 members or more may register as a group. Members must be older than elementary school age.
The Group Representatives must be aged 20 years or over.
The group representative repeats as a representative of another group and cannot register.
[Group registration requirements]
Group Registration Application Form (PDF), Group Registration Name List (PDF), Group Registration Application Form and Name List (Excel)
The Group Representative must produce personal identification confirming their contact details and current address (Driver’s License, Resident Card or Resident Registry Card are permissible).
Registration fee is free
The following restrictions apply to any member that registers for multiple groups.
Members cannot register for the same group multiple times.
Two or more members of the same group cannot register again for any other groups.
If any individual user registers for multiple groups, apply upon group registration.
Registration will be cancelled for both groups if unreasonable double registration by a group or any similar act is found.
Where half or more of a group’s members are residents of Sumida Ward, they may register as a Resident Group.
Ward residents’ groups are able to enter the lottery preferentially.
Sumida Ward Residents are defined as either residing, working or studying within Sumida Ward.
When registering as a Sumida Ward group, please also submit an identity card (copy permitted) of the citizen eligible person.

If you are in Sumida ward, please present your employee ID and business card described in your work address and identity card that you can verify your identity.

Ward residents’ groups

After registration, ward residents’ groups will receive ID(s) to be used for lottery applications according to the number of members. Up to eight applications may be made per ID per month for all facilities.

Number of members:
5 to 10   1 ID (up to 8 lottery applications)
Number of members:
11 to 20   2 ID (up to 16 lottery applications)
Number of members:
21 to 30   3 ID (up to 24 lottery applications)
Number of members:
more than 31   4 ID (up to 32 lottery applications)
Group Registration must be renewed every three years with the first year of registration is already included.

Precautions for use

[About the use of the locker rooms]
Please do not wear shoes, including slippers, in the locker rooms. Users should have bare feet or wear socks only.
Be sure to bring a towel when using the swimming pool and/or the warm bath.
Do not leave your belongings in the corridor, etc.
Groups must not occupy locker rooms, the bathing facilities, or other areas.
[About the use of the facilities]
Users may enter locker rooms ten minutes prior to the reservation time and start to use a facility at the exact reservation time. Users should arrange and clean up goals, nets, etc. in the presence of staff. The time of facility use includes the time for setting up and tidying. Users should start to clean up/change the setting ten minutes prior to the end of use.
Sumida City Gymnasium has a range of audio equipment for use (including microphones and mobile amp’s). The audio equipment may also be loaned at a small fee for use in the whole area of the Sub Arena, Martial Arts Area and half area of the Martial Arts Area. Please enquire at the Gymnasium for use of the equipment and note that equipment is limited in number and may not be available at all times. Furthermore, audio equipment may be brought in for use in the half area only.
The Main Arena is equipped with 2 pairs of basket goals and the Sub Arena with 1 pair. The Main Arena also contains 2 courts for basketball play. In the case where a pair of goals has already been reserved, it may be possible to use the Main Arena’s Basketball through reservation. Reserve your equipment via the internet and be sure to make your booking either with or without goals.
1 pair of futsal goals can be found in the Main Arena and 1 pair in the Sub Arena. The Main Arena is also equipped with 1 pair of goals for Handball, and all goals have dual function.
As a rule, we are not able to loan out such equipment as balls or rackets. Users of the Gymnasium are required to bring their own equipment. However, sporting accessories may be borrowed for some sports.
Any intentional or accidental damage incurred to the Gymnasium will require reimbursement.
Futsal in the Arena may be played in the evening between 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. only, or otherwise during other times on the Rooftop.
Any resin use for handball is strictly prohibited.
In cases where Gymnasium rules are not followed, hours of use are not respected or trouble is caused to other Gymnasium patrons, subsequent use of the Gymnasium may be denied. Users of the Gymnasium are expected to respect the manners of the Gymnasium and its other patrons. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Users should wear suitable clothing for exercising (e.g. training wear, T-shirt and shorts) and sports shoes for indoor use (excluding in the swimming pool).
Those under the influence of alcoholare not permitted entrance.
The entire grounds are completely non-smoking.
Shoes that may damage the surface of the floors are not permitted (leather shoes or heels). Please avoid wearing shoes with black soles because of possible black marks on the floor.
The winners of a lottery for arenas, Budo Hall or other areas may be cancelled if any unplanned elections suddenly take place.
[About belongings]
No user belongings can be held at the reception desk. Please avoid bringing items that are larger than the lockers.
*All lockers within the facilities are half-sized.
Users should leave their valuables in the safes (free of charge) next to the reception desk or take them to the facilities that they are using and manage them under their own responsibility.
*Please do not leave valuables in the lockers. We take no responsibility for the theft of any items that are placed in the lockers.
[About the use of the Parking lot]
For group users, parking is free of charge for up to two hours for up to five vehicles on weekdays, or for up to three vehicles on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. Users are required to present their parking ticket at the reception desk on the second floor.
Parking is free of charge for the disabled. Users are required to present their parking ticket and a disability certificate at the reception desk on the second floor.
Users are advised to share vehicles if possible due to the limited parking capacity.