Individual use

  • We welcome not only Sumida Ward residents, but also all people from far and wide.
  • No need to register with the Gymnasium to use its facilities.
  • We offer a ‘pay as you go’ system, as well as a reduced monthly fee payment plan.
  • The Gymnasium is open between 9:00-22:30 (Rooftop open until 21:00) with use available for 2 hour blocks.

Reminders for Use of the Gymnasium

  • Hours of use include set-up and preparation time.
  • Please remember the following when using the pool facilities:
  • Only appropriate swimwear may be worn.
  • Bring your own swim cap for use in the pool.
  • Beach mats and inflatable swimming tubes are not permitted.
  • Users of the pool must be 3 years and over (children over 3 who are still dependent on diapers are not permitted to use the pool facilities).
  • Children under junior high school age may not use the training room, studio program or pool program facilities.
  • The Gymnasium facilities may be closed due to priority reservations for Sumida Ward events. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated in such cases.
  • Individuals are responsible for the keeping of their valuables. Lockers are available at the General Reception inside the Gymnasium.
  • Those under the influence of alcohol are not permitted entrance.
  • The entire grounds are completely non-smoking.
  • Shoes that may damage the surface of the floors are not permitted (leather shoes or heels).

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