Reception, Budo hall, Training Room, Studio and Cafeteria (2nd Floor)

  • Budo hall is equipped with moveable Tatami straw mats, and as such the space may be used either with the mats or without. It is also possible to use the area for kendo and judo when dividing the space into a maximum of four parts.
  • The Cafeteria and Information Corner offers all people the chance to casually stop by and enjoy the Sumida City Gymnasium and park it is surrounded by.
  • Training Room, Studio and Locker room are also available.
Locker room
Budo hall
Studio and Training Room
Main Entrance Hall

Hours of Use

Budo hall 9:00~22:30
Studio and Training Room 9:00~22:30
Cafeteria 11:00~23:00

Using Budo hall

  • Budo hall can be divided into half or quarter partitions making it the perfect size for each sport’s respective requirements.
  • The Area is equipped with moveable Tatami straw mats, and as such the space may be used either with the mats or without.
  • Budo hall is also available for the use of dance-based activities.


1.Mirrors for Quarter 1

Mirrors are available

2.Mirrors for Quarter 2 (not available)

There are no mirrors or sandbags in this quarter.

3.Half Area Mirrors

Mirrors are attached.

4.Mirrors for Quarter 3 (Mirror SB)

Mirrors and sandbags are available.
(As represented by SB on the left hand diagram)

5.Mirrors for Quarter 5 (SB)

Mirrors and sandbags are available.

6.Half Area Mirrors (SB)

Mirrors and sandbags are available.

Sports Permitted in the Martial Arts Area

Court Size Kendo Judo Karate Other Martial Arts Dance
Whole Area O O O O O
Half O O O O O
Quarter O O O O X

*Audio equipment (including microphones) may be used for the whole or half area only.

*The Martial Arts Area may not be used for the following styles of dance.
Please note that there are some sports not appropriate for the Martial Arts Area, and make sure to confirm with staff beforehand if your activity is appropriate for use in the Area.

[Activities Not Permitted]
Flamenco and tap dance

*Shoes that may damage the surface of the floors are not permitted (leather shoes or heels).

About the Training Room and Studio

  • Children aged junior high school and under are not permitted to use the Training Room and Studio Program.
  • Use of just the Program is not permitted. Users must pay a separate fee for entrance to the Training Room in order to use the Program.

Meeting rooms

  • There is 1 Meeting Room on the 2nd floor, and 2 Meeting Rooms on the 3rd floor.
  • The 2 Meeting Rooms on the 3rd floor contain moveable partitions to enable use of both rooms as an integrated meeting room.
  • All Rooms on both the 2nd and 3rd floor have a capacity of 40 people.

Using the Meeting Rooms

  • Use of the Meeting Rooms requires an application form as per Group Use Procedures.
  • When using a Meeting Room, please make not on your online application via the reservation page if you require use of a microphone.
  • The Meeting Rooms contain screening facilities (including a projector and screen) at a small cost. To apply for use of the Room, please phone or visit the Gymnasium in person prior to use.
  • Please note that hours of use include clean-up time, and as such time limits should be strictly adhered to.
  • Payment for use of the Meeting Room includes use of a microphone also.

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