Indoor Pool and Parking Lot (1st Floor)

Infant Pool(50cm water depth)
Indoor Pool
25m×7 with moveable lanes
Parking Lot
Users of the Gymnasium are permitted up to 2 hours of free use.

Opening Hours

Indoor Pool 9:00~21:00
Parking Lot 5:30~23:00

Using the Pool

  • Please adhere to the following rules when using the Pool:
  • Only appropriate swimwear may be worn
  • Bring your own swim cap for use in the pool
  • Beach mats and inflatable swimming tubes are not permitted
  • Users of the pool must be three years and over (children over three who are still dependent on diapers are not permitted to use the pool facilities)
  • Children under junior high school age and under are not permitted to use the Pool Program.
  • Use of just the Program is not permitted. Users must pay a separate fee for entrance to the Pool in order to use the Program.

Using the Parking Lot

  • The Gymnasium caters for up to 100 cars in the Parking Lot
  • Users of the Gymnasium may park free for up to 2 hours.

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