Sumida City Gymnasium

A place to play, watch and be supported by sports

The Grand Opening of Sumida City Gymnasium set for 2010

More than 40 years have passed since the inauguration of the Sumida Ward Gymnasium, and the cracks are beginning to show. As the diverse sporting needs of Sumida Ward’s residents increase, it is evident that our current gymnasium is finding it more and more difficult to meet such needs. It is for this exact purpose that the General Purpose Gymnasium in Kinshi Park will be opened on April 1st, 2010 through PFI means (Private Sector Funds is a method which allows the private sector to donate funds, management and technical know-how to the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of public facilities).

A New Generation General Purpose Gymnasium

The General Purpose Gymnasium is a place where the widest spectrum of people from infants to the elderly can utilize its facilities. We offer an even greater range of sports than other modern-day local gymnasiums. Until now, the main focus of most local residential gymnasiums has been for residents to merely ‘play’ sports. Through the means of PFI and with the strength of the community, we have also been able to offer a place for residents to both ‘watch’ sports and ‘support’ residential sports, thereby allowing the entire community to come together in sport.

The Three Functions of the Sumida City Gymnasium


The Gymnasium offers an incredible array of facilities: an arena for martial arts, a pool for a variety of activities, as well as a training room and studio to increase physical strength and promote health.

We offer residents the opportunity to ‘watch’ high quality sports in motion with a wonderful selection of top-league national tournaments of basketball, volleyball and badminton.

"Be Supported"
By providing coaching workshops, support for regional sports clubs as well as community sports activities, we offer an enriched place of overall support to the community.

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